Wild Vale

Our aims

Our goal is to provide every community with outdoor play and adventures allowing children and families to reconnect and respect nature.

Help people to put the phone down and get outside helping families and residents become physically active together.

Become aware of our wonderful natural spaces and take steps to maintain their wellbeing so we can pass them on.

Create safe and respected places which are a joy to visit, play in, learn from, and look after.

Wild Vale

How it started

With the current Alexandria Masterplan delivery and the development of Alexandria’s community improvement plan, residents have a fabulous opportunity and calling to shape and deliver improvements to our town and surrounding communities.

The Wild Vale program are a first example of an enterprise, net zero and community leadership project which puts our community’s potential and priorities at the heart of our activities.

About us at Wild Vale

Community Quote about Wild Vale and Vale of Leven and what we do for the community.

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Anne Rocks, Head of Centre, Auchnacraig ELCC

This has been an amazing project to be part of and it continues to grow in excitement and anticipation for the staff, parents and young learners of Auchnacraig ELCC. Thank you to Learn and Grow for all you have done for”

Our Community

Wild Vale


We are committed to engaging, motivating and ultimately supporting residents develop their own outdoor activity resources throughout the Vale of Leven and across West Dunbartonshire.

  • Wild Vale is a collaboration of Central Alexandria Tenants & Central Alexandria Tenants & Residents Association
  • Tullichewan Tenants & Residents Association
  • Friends of Christy Park
  • The Leamy Foundation
  • India St Residents

River Leven

Wild Vale

We are part of the Children's Activity Association...

Children's Activities Association

What does this mean? We are parents too and we know the questions you want to know (but don’t always ask) before enrolling our kids into a new activity...

  • Are they insured?
  • Have they been PVG checked?
  • How do I guarantee my kids are being instructed by the best?

Not all activities have a governing body and we felt that this is an important step in reassuring parents, teachers and leaders that we have as high a standard as possible.

Being part of the CAA means continuous monitoring and guidance by an independent professional governing body, to bring you that piece of mind.